21 7 / 2013

Hello Italia!

We were welcomed into Rome with the most beautiful pink sunset! The photo hardly does it justice.

After settling into our hotel, (once again located in an extremely seedy and dirty area) ravenously ‘Hangry’ (hungry to the point of angry) channel 10 lady and myself raced to the closest Trip advisor recommended restaurant!

Quantity - tick. Quality - mehhh. Nonetheless, the prosciutto pizza and rigatoni ragu very definitely curbed our hangryness!

Pretty sure we fell into a food coma after that ….

19 7 / 2013

Bike tour around Prague!

It was a grueling ride up to castle but the view from above was so worth it!

Slash I was feeling pretty guilty from having over indulged in good food from the past few days so I felt a little obliged to do some exercise.

But then after our ride, we thought we’d treat ourselves to some hearty pub grub again….. Oops. The duck and rabbit with bread/potato dumplings were very well received by us!

19 7 / 2013

Food, food and more food!!

I was so so impressed with what Prague had to offer in terms of food! We did a walking tour in the morning so for brekky we just picked up some baguette sliders at a local deli cafe. They were so simple but so good! The bread was fresh and soft, and on top was a soft boiled egg dressed in some divine white sauce, ham/roast beef and a sprinkling of chives and pickles!

Lunch was even more fabulous! We went to this gorgeous (but rather pretentious and expensive) cafe called The Bakeshop. It had the most amazing collection of freshly baked goods, salads and meats on display. I had a hearty serving of cold tomato gazpacho, followed by ginger soy chicken, cous cous pilaf and beetroot salad. Channel 10 Lady also very much enjoyed her delicious vegetable quiche and pasta salad.

19 7 / 2013

Good morning Prague!

We were welcomed into Prague with the lovely sound of birds chirping and the gurgling of rubbish by their pick up truck. You know why? Because we arrived at 6am. Our lack of Kroner (Czech currency) equalled that of exchange shops open. Both on zero.

After scumming around for a few hours, I.e sitting on sidewalks and leeching wifi from cafes, we were finally able to drop our stuff off at the apartment! We had a lazy day and treated ourselves to a fabulous dinner at a traditional Czech Pub - rabbit with potatoes, venison with rosehip sauce and potato&bread dumplings! Scrumptious comfort food! Oh and of course a gelato to polish off the meal - cookies and cream tonight :)

13 7 / 2013

Hai guys, I’m still alive!! (for them haters out there sorry if I got your hopes up … LOL)

I’ve lacked wifi at a lot of my accommodation and I don’t have a sim. So the only times when I’ve had internet access is when I can leech at restaurants, bars and cafes! And even then, it’s usually super slow or incompetent of loading things…

I’ve got legit net for the next two days so I’ll try and upload as much as I can!

Live update: I’m in Ljubljana in Slovenia at the moment! However, it’ll probably be a little while before I’m up to blogging about it.

Love and missing you all! (well at least the whopping three people who follow this blog …) hope everyone is doing well! Let me know if you guys have any questions or requests!

Take care,

The Pinkcakelady